Given the booming performance of the fintech sector and the rapid pace of digitalization, FinVolution is undoubtedly investing more resources and blazing new trails in financial technology . We have kept the Company competitive and future-fit primarily due to six critical competencies, namely intelligent operation, intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service, intelligent risk control, intelligent post-loan management, and model management service.

Intelligent Marketing

Octopus Platform

Connecting to APIs such as Ocean Engine, Tencent Ads, and Google, the Octopus Platform functions as an advertising management center, material center, strategy center, and analysis center that can monitor full path chain indicators, adjust strategy, auto-create advertisements in batches, keeping videos, and enable highly effective and efficient advertising.

RTA Platform

Our proprietary RTA (Real-Time Application Programming Interface) platform went live in 2021, which connects us to multiple giants in the information feeds space, including Bytedance, Tencent, Baidu, and Kuaishou. It is a rapidly deployed, high traffic capacity, low-latency system with a strategic, customized configuration and massive data storage abilities, which significantly reduces the cost of data transfer and enables more precise marketing.

Smart Bull Platform

The “Smart Bull” Outbound Call Platform ensures prompt and standardized answers to customers, promoting a more streamlined user experience, reducing staffing costs, and increasing service efficiency.

Ling Xi Platform

Ling Xi Platform is a customer service platform based on natural language processing and is able to detect changes in customer’s emotions. It is able to perform intelligent search and respond to customer queries in a highly efficient manner. Leveraging on deep learning, the platform is able to conduct interactions between human and machine which improve customer satisfaction compared to the traditional customer service.  

PMS Platform

PMS (Precision Marketing Service) Platform is an all-in-one automated marketing platform designed to manage the full user life cycle through universal user profiles, visual rules engines, smart dispatching and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) techniques.

Intelligent Operation

Magic Pen Platform

Magic Pen Platform is an all-in-one activity design platform focused on managing front-end activities such as customer acquisition, activation, and transactions. This platform cuts back acquisition costs and increases operational efficiency through real-time advertising, channel selection and strategy adjustment.

Magic Cube Platform

The Magic Cube Platform is an all-in-one fund management platform that supports a wide variety of protocols and effectively matches funds to capitals in real-time. It can operate 55 fund management projects simultaneously, with a daily processing capacity of 50,000 cases, 100% of which can be completed online.

RMS System

The RMS (Resource Management System) allows for full life cycle management of servers. It leverages proprietary Quark components to collect science-based data to support capacity planning and cost control, thereby increasing resource utilization and stability.

Intelligent Risk Control

Feng Chao Risk Control Platform

The Feng Chao platform is able to monitor the business process and risk control rules, accurately track data fields, and evaluate data source performance, which increases business operational efficiency by 120%.

Magic Mirror Platform

Leveraging on the big data we have accumulated over years of operation, the Magic Mirror Platform can conduct risk ratings and risk pricing on borrowers from thousands of dimensions. It can also accurately predict the loan default rate, allowing our institutional partners to strictly control loan risk.

Ming Mirror System

The Ming Mirror is an anti-fraud system based on knowledge graphs. Through complex network computing, machine learning and carefully selected rules, the system can identify fraudulent organizations, provide visual network and anti-fraud images, and uncover up to 65% of intermediary fraud.

Intelligent Post-Loan Management

Li Jian Platform

Li Jian Post-Loan Management Platform is an intelligent management platform that improves the overall efficiency of the entire loan collection process, increasing loan repayment rates and reducing customer complaints.

Intelligent Quality Assurance

Rhino Platform

The Rhino system is an intelligent quality assurance platform that integrates allocation center, quality assurance center, quality control center, and data analysis center among others. Leveraging on our mature technologies such as speech recognition and big data text analysis, the platform greatly increased efficiency and optimized service strategies. 

Model Management Service

9 ¾ Platform

The AI-enabled 9 ¾ Platform provides all-in-one AI modeling services to promote integrated innovation in the fintech industry. It supports the vast majority of our modeling and algorithm services and is scheduled totally by machines with a daily average deploy volume of nearly 30 million times.